DRS Residential Care

The goal at DRS is to make our residential care homes look and feel just like your own. We understand the importance of safety and familiarity with people who use our services, so creating the right ‘feel’ is our top priority.

People who use our residential care services benefit from the following:

  • Individual rooms with en-suite facilities

  • Safe therapeutic environments that cater for a range of needs
  • The option for respite care
  • Access to drinks and snacks throughout the day

  • Three meals daily

  • Flexible dining options

  • Situated in the heart of local communities

Alongside the physical elements of the building, we are continually working on a number of different strategies that help and support people:

  • We encourage integration into the local community at a pace that suits
  • Personalised support based on individual needs and circumstances
  • 24 hour staffing

  • We provide opportunities for our people to increase their social interaction

  • We work on building self-confidence, which in turn supports a higher level of independence

  • We work on Positive Behavioural Management to ensure our guests are better prepared for social integration

  • We work with a multi-disciplinary team to ensure individual care plans are holistic and meet needs.

At DRS, we have a passion. A vision. A goal.

Everyone that comes to us is uniquely brilliant. They have skills and abilities that potentially haven’t yet been seen or embraced. We see a world beyond where they are now, where this unique take on life is put to good use. Where your loved ones finally have a voice.

If you need support with someone you love, and you feel that DRS Residential Care is a good fit, please get in touch.

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